Monday 25 August 2014

Michael Brown: As He Is Laid To Rest Finally Today

Michael Brown’s death was a case of the incessant Police brutality that is usually witnessed in United States and some other parts of the World.

Brown’s promising life was brought to a halt from the brutality melted on him by a white Police officer who sees no reason not to kill the innocent and unarmed black teenager. His death erupted demonstrations and civil unrest in the area of Fergusson (a city in St. Louis County, Missouri in USA). This is like the story of Trayvon Martin that was exterminated last year by another White Police officer.

After weeks of community protests, the family of Michael Brown is asking for silence and peace as they lay him to rest.
The funeral today will be a chance for people to focus on mourning the 18-year-old who liked computer games and had been eager to start college.
Mr Brown, who is black, was unarmed when he was shot on August 9 by a white officer.

Protesters have taken to the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, calling for change and drawing national attention to issues surrounding race and policing. This type of racial incident is tearing apart what is united in the United State and authority needs to seriously step into this so as to curb it from becoming a scourge that will be totally out of control.

Adieu Micheal Brown……Adieu Trayvon Martin…….Let gets more united ‘United State

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