Wednesday 12 December 2012


Louis Campbell, a Wal-Mart security guard and Harris County Sheriff’s deputy, shot and killed 27-year old Shelly Frey in the parking lot of a Houston, Texas area Wal-Mart in front of her two children as she attempted to leave the premises. She had been caught, with two other women, on camera stealing items from the store and hiding them in their purses.

According to Campbell, after chasing Frey and the other two women to their car, he opened the door and commanded Frey to get out. But she refused, and then began to drive away while the deputy was standing between the open door and the driver’s seat. He felt that she was trying to run him over, and so he fired the deadly shot into the car which hit Frey in the neck.

The family is upset about her death, and has responded by saying that she was stealing because of the financial difficulties she has had due to her 2-year old daughter having sickle cell anemia. “Why couldn’t you just shoot the tire, shoot the window?” said her mother Sharon Wilkerson. “Was it that serious?” She added that even if her daughter had committed a crime, she did not deserve to die and she worries now for her two young grandchildren.

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