Friday 26 August 2016

The Receptionist – Episode 4

‘Ok, we are leaving’ Michael said
‘Alright’ Mr Ifeanyi responded, without giving me a second glance as he walked away.
My heart beat was on a marathon race as different thoughts flew in my head. I was silent as I wondered if I had lost the job I just resumed. How do I start all over again, I can never go back to Mrs Vera. How do I tell my mum? My ex-colleagues who were thrilled with my new job, how do I explain I didn’t last 24 hours in the building.
‘Why are you so quiet?, what have I done this time?’ Michael asked
‘That man is my boss’
‘Mr John?’ Michael asked surprised
“Mr Ifeanyi, the owner of the company’
‘Fuck!’ Michael exclaimed and went mute.
We drove in silence, as I knew he was giving me time to think and get over the shock.
‘Yvette, stop scolding yourself. Put the blame on me if that will make you feel better’
‘No, it doesn’t’ I replied, I had lost appetite to eat, as I forced another spoonful of rice down my throat
‘You are not a baby, you were not kissing me inside the office, that’s a car park.’
‘Yes, but considering how I got the job I am at the mercy of Mr ifeanyi’
‘You said he is a nice man, he didn’t look bothered, he was more in a hurry to go out’ Michael argued

I had nothing else to say, there was no point arguing with Michael.
‘But you never mentioned your boss was a young, good looking man’
‘There was no need to’ I said focusing on the food in front of me.
‘So, a handsome man walks into a cake store and decides to give an attractive lady with little experience a job and it seems like he was just being generous to you ‘
‘Michael, just state that dirty thoughts you have in your head. So, only my looks and body could have gotten me the job right?’
He raised an eyebrow, not refuting my statement .
‘Take me home’ I said fuming as I grabbed my bag
‘Yvette, not again please. Why are you so sensitive?, I have to watch what I say and what I do around you but you still get worked up’
‘I am not angry, I need to rest and pray I still have a job by this time tomorrow ‘
‘If you say so’. He said as he stood up
Heading home, Michael went on about his day at work and his plans for Christmas as he tried to make me loosen up
‘ You will be fine, Mr Ifeanyi won’t fire you. Trust me’ He said as he parked in front of my gate
‘I hope so too’ I said
‘I will give you a call tomorrow to know how it goes’ He said, while stroking my hair.
He closed the gap between us as he tried to place a kiss on my lips but I was faster, as I quickly looked away, his lips landed on my cheek instead
‘Take care’ He responded with a mischievous smile
9:45 P.M
Staring at the ceiling, I feared I had made a bad decision taking this job. I wondered if Mrs Vera’s curse was now manifesting even though I didn’t believe in fetish things. I contemplated calling Me Ifeanyi severally but didn’t have the courage to do so. I imagined so many times apologising and creating different excuses for my actions but never had the courage to call. I finally decided to see him at the office tomorrow. These thoughts kept me tossing and turning, till I felt a sharp slap on my back
‘Sleep! You are making me restless’ My mum said. ‘Is there a problem with the new job?’
‘No ma’ I answered
‘Then go to bed, I won’t wake you up tomorrow morning ‘
Nov 19th
11:00 am
Sitting up I let out a sigh, I was tired and needed to stretch my legs. I looked up at Mr John, he was staring at me with a blank expression, I couldn’t look at him so I returned my focus to his laptop.
‘You would need your own laptop’ He said ‘Your corner will be ready soon also’
I danced for joy in my heart as I was tired of spending all day in his office.
‘Where did your former assistant sit?’ I asked curious
He was silent and I thought he wouldn’t respond.
‘I never had one’ He answered finally
‘Oh!’ I was astonished
‘I like working alone, but Mr Ifeanyi insisted he had someone who would do the job.
I said nothing. So this explains his cold behaviour, Mr John wants me to prove I am capable or was he trying to frustrate me to the point of quitting? Little did he know I was doing a fine job at loosing the job on my own.
I remembered I still haven’t gathered the courage to face Mr Ifeanyi. Maybe I should act like nothing happened, except he mentions it.
‘I have sent some documents to the printer, arrange it and take them to Mr Ifeanyi’s office’
My heart sank at the mention of his name, suddenly I felt the need to use the restroom.
‘Ok sir’
He observed my reluctance, as I tried to buy time.
‘Get going, don’t spend the whole day at the printer. I have told Mr Ifeanyi you are on your way to his office. ‘

11:20 AM
I stepped into his office quietly, he had his attention on his phone.
‘Good morning sir’
‘Good morning ‘ He answered, without giving me a glance.
I wiped my sweaty palm on my dress, what should I do? I asked myself. I was still standing like a student in front of her principal. He finally looked up at me and my heart beat started racing I could almost hear it.
‘You may go’ He said calmly
I began to think maybe I imagined the events at the car park.
‘ I…. I…….. I am sorry, it won’t happen again’
‘What?’ he asked with a blank expression
‘The car park ‘ I answered twisting my fingers
‘So, what happened there?’ He enquired
I was confused on how to describe the kiss.
‘Yvette, go back to work. He interrupted ‘You are an adult, whatever you decide to do outside the four walls of this office is not my priority. Do your job in this building and I have no complaints’
‘Ok, thank you’
His attention was back to his phone and I knew the conversation was over.
Heading towards the door with my head bowed in shame, I looked back at him, I was baffled as I saw his attention was on me. We held each other’s gaze for a split second, then I walked out of the door. I let out a deep breathe outside, it was as if I had been holding my breathe all through unknowingly.
Nov 25th 9:00pm
I have survived one week, I couldn’t believe it. Mr John was still a painful boil in the ass I had to live it. Mr Ifeanyi barely acknowledged my presence in the office but I couldn’t stop having thoughts about him occasionally even though things with Michael was getting a bit serious.
The sound of my phone ringing jolted me out of my dreamland
‘ Hello’ I said
‘Hello Yvette, it’s Ifeanyi ‘
I sat up immediately, I wasn’t expecting the call as I wondered what I had done this time
‘I am going for a two days conference , you are going with me’
With the tone of his voice, I knew it was a statement and not a question.
‘Where sir?’
‘Lagos, we would be staying at the hotel for the two days. Please come with your bag to the office tomorrow’
‘Any question?’ He asked
“No’ I answered still baffled and bewildered
He hung up before I could respond. I still had the phone in my hand as I had so many questions running in my head that I couldn’t ask him. I thought about speaking to Michael but I knew it was a bad decision, remembering our last argument over Mr Ifeanyi
‘I told you, he won’t fire you, that man knows what he is doing’ Michael’s words replayed in my head.

The next two days felt like I was being placed in the same room with a black forest cake covered in rich chocolate goodness but I am forbidden to touch or have a taste

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