Tuesday 2 August 2016

The Receptionist [Episode 3]

Nov 18th 10: 43am
Walking down the stairs, I was in a hurry to head back home and prepare for my big day tomorrow.
‘Yvette! Yvette!’ I heard a familiar voice call out my name.
‘Not now’ I muttered to myself as I plastered a tired look on my face.
‘Where are you rushing off to?’ Michael asked with his usual friendly smile.
‘Going home’
‘Can I drop you off? ‘
‘I don’t want to stress you, my place and yours are in two opposite directions’ I lied
‘Yvette, you can never be stressing me’ He said already walking me out of the church premises.
‘Really, you don’t have to’ I insisted but not with the same tone and seriousness as before.
The drive to my house was quiet and seemed like it wasn’t coming to an end, the growing queues in fuel stations also brought traffic with it.
‘You look good’ He said, giving me a quick glance
‘Thank you’ I replied, twisting my fingers.

He went silent, he glanced at me again and our eyes met and I knew what he was thinking.
‘I am sorry, I know I shouldn’t have done that, I respect you a lot and wouldn’t want to loose this friendship. I have known you way too long for us to create a distance now’
I was silent as I was avoiding this conversation as I have been doing for over two weeks now.
‘Say something’ He said watching my reaction
‘Michael, it’s fine. It was just a kiss, I over reacted maybe. We are still friends and I believe it won’t happen again.’
He hesitated a bit, it was obvious he had a contrary opinion but was wise enough not to argue with me. I guess our ten years of friendship was still important to him , even if I still never understood why.
‘I got another job’ I said, trying to change the topic, leaving the past behind
‘Really?, When?’ He said curious and excited
I smiled as I narrated the incredible story to him, leaving out the tiny detail of how sexy and good looking my new boss was and my constant wardrobe malfunctions. I described the job as my personal miracle and Christmas gift from the Almighty.
‘I am happy for you’ He said sounding genuinely pleased. ‘But where you that annoyed with me, you didn’t share this good news with me?, Yvette, we have been praying for this’
‘No, it all happened so fast and I wanted to be sure I had gotten the job before informing you ‘
‘Ok’ He said, still not totally convinced.
We sat in silence listening to Sam Smith’s ‘I’m not the only one’, as I hummed the lyrics.
‘Please be careful at your new job’ Michael said looking too serious, breaking the silence
‘Ok’ I said not really paying attention as I took off the seat belt.
‘Yvette, I am serious, you don’t know why he gave you this job’.
‘Meaning?’ I was already getting impatient
‘Yvette, you are very attractive even if you don’t realise it, I am using the word attractive here because the word I have in mind might offend you ‘
‘Ok, and?’
‘Never mind ‘ He said ‘Where is your office located’
I gave him the address not knowing his intentions
‘I would come pick you up tomorrow ‘
‘There is no need for that’
‘I Insist ‘ He said
‘Ok’ I gave in, knowing arguing with Michael was always a waste of time
As I searched my bag for my house keys, I smiled remembering Michael insisting on picking me up on my first day at work.
Nov 19th 10:00am
‘Are you still on this!?’ Mr John stormed into his office
‘Sir, I am almost done’ I said in a small voice
‘It’s over an hour, the meeting will commence anytime soon’
He sat on his chair as I cursed inwardly and wondered if taking this job was still a great idea. Mr John as my boss was really going to be an unpleasant experience.
‘Get it ready in five minutes, I am waiting for you in conference room 2, come along with my laptop’ He said with a scowl on his face
‘Yes sir’ I said, trying to sound calm
I looked at my wrist watch and took a deep breathe as I tried to calm my nerves.
It has been one problem to the other since Friday, remembering the call I made to Vera, my ex boss, my heart beat quickened as all her threats and accusations replayed in my head
‘You are a pretender, so you slept with my client so he can give you a job in his company!’ I remembered her screaming on the phone.
‘No ma’ I protested.
She went on to curse, and threaten, as I wondered if there was more to this other than me leaving her cake store.
‘Ingrate!’ That was her last word as she hung up.
I picked up Mr John’s laptop carefully, holding the company’s branded note pad as I pushed Vera’s threats away. Taking a deep breathe, I walked into the conference room. I was thankful I carefully selected my attire for today, picking a gown with no zippers or buttons, having another mishap with my clothing will be a disaster and no longer coincidence
All eyes in the room followed me as I took a seat, they knew I was the new girl and I was obviously being accessed.
‘Lord, can this day end already’ I muttered.
It was over an hour and Mr John was still going back and forth on employee and employer’s policies. I was hungry and trying to pay attention as I had to take down suggestions and important details of the meeting so I can type my report.
The door opened, as Mr Ifeanyi stepped in. My heart beat quickened as I wondered when I would stop reacting to his presence.
‘Sorry to interrupt’ He said
‘Adesuwa, I sent you a mail this morning. Its urgent, respond to it before 3pm today. Come to my office with the details I asked for also.’ He said
‘Ok sir’ Adesuwa nodded as I glanced at her, she was stunning with flawless skin and her makeup was perfect and I felt unkempt beside her. I really need to keep up with the trend in this office, my wardrobe can’t compete with all I saw today
Mr Ifeanyi looked at me for a split second with a blank expression , then he walked out of the conference room. I wondered if I was supposed to go to his office to officially inform him I have resumed. How was I supposed to do that when Mr John hasn’t let me out of his sight since I stepped into the building, maybe I won’t even be able to use the rest room or eat without his permission.
I have never been so happy to see Michael, with smiles I walked with him to where he packed his car.
‘Hello, pretty lady’ He said, ‘How was your first day at work?’
‘You don’t want to know, I am hungry and tired’
‘It can’t be that bad, no pain, no gain’ He consoled me. ‘Let me buy you dinner’
‘It’s actually lunch, and dinner’ I corrected
‘Why haven’t you eaten? ‘ He asked sounding worried
‘My devil of a boss’ I said in reduced tone as I looked around to make sure no one heard me ‘He insisted I complete the report from his meeting which he over prolonged talking jargons’
‘I thought you said Mr Ifeayni is a nice man ‘ He looked confused
‘Michael, pay attention! Mr John is my immediate boss, Mr ifeanyi owns the place’ I was having a headache and tired already
‘Oh’ He said, knowing I wasn’t in the mood to explain further
As I settled into his car,Michael smoothed my hair which was in disarray thanks to my chaotic day.
‘You look pretty, even when you are stressed.’ He said smiling , he kept stroking my hair and I knew what he was thinking.
He moved closer, planting a soft kiss on my lips. I was too tired to protest or move away, knowing this he dropped another kiss this time lingering a bit longer, testing if I was going to protest like the last time. Tilting my head, I deepened the kiss as his tongue travelled over my lips. I knew I would regret this later but I just needed anything to make my day better and erase the long tiring hours in the four walls of Mr John’s office . He was starting to breathe harder as he tried to open my lips and I knew it was time to stop this as it the wrong place and time.
‘ Can you take this somewhere else, you are obstructing my path. I need to leave the premises’ An impatient voice barked as we were forced to break the kiss.
As I turned to know who the intruder was, my heart sank as I Mr Ifeanyi’s impatient face staring back at me.
Today gave me sweet cupcakes, but I could only see it as the day began. The day ended with a sour taste in my mouth as I decided tomorrow I wasn’t going to open the oven to know what flavour and shape it held for me. Let’s take it one minute at a time

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