Saturday 8 June 2013


Picture of the Bragger
Is it socially acceptable and okay for a stranger to share the picture of another man he met on a trip discussing his affairs with women on Facebook as a means of telling him is not a faithful man.
Read the below about a train encounter of passengers on train to Philadelphia that later led to a social disgrace.
According to mail online, a husband allegedly bragging about cheating on his wife has been publicly shamed on Facebook, after a train passenger overheard his conversation.
The picture of the man, who had been traveling on a train from Philadelphia with friends, has since been shared more than 183,000 times since a Pennsylvania mother posted in on Wednesday.

'If this is your husband, I have endured a 2 hour train ride from Philadelphia listening to this loser and his friends brag about their multiple affairs and how their wives are too stupid to catch on. Oh please repost...' Steph Strayer wrote on Wednesday

While it is not known if the husband has been identified, the post has opened up the debate about whether it is right to publicly shame a stranger on social media.

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  1. Steph, honey, did someone pay you to perpetrate a publicity stunt? There are rumors flying that your photo is of none other than Joe Giudice of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" fame. I have to agree that it looks kinda like the same guy. There's nothing like another bit of scandal to boost viewership for an otherwise crummy surreality show. Or maybe it's to help make it that much more difficult to seat an unbiased jury for his upcoming trial on false identity charges? Participating in a maneuver like that would make you the rat IMHO. Either prospect makes my opinion of you even lower than it was. What did your employer, the Office of Children and Families in the Courts of Pennsylvania, think of this little adventure of yours anyway?