Friday 29 March 2013


It was much awaited news and a pleasant one to hear. All along I have been looking forward to the day this lad will reclaim his position as the no1 golfer in the world. The scandals surrounding him was as if he was the most sinful being on earth, whereas majority of the staff and management of his corporate sponsors are worst than him. On his own part he decided to let the whole world knows about what he did wrong and accepted the blames the majority lashed on him. However, he never gave up on the sport he loves passionately. He carried on like a snail slowly moving to a destination and not minding its locomotory rate but the targeted destination.

As human beings we sometimes encounter certain situations that are either beyond our capabilities or we cannot fathom what the situations all about or how to resolve them. But with the spirit of determination and being focus we can overcome many of these life situations. Tiger’s mind was made up about not giving up on golf and about life, though he lost several competitions within these periods of trying to get out of the “Woods” but he finally made it to his destination of no1 golfer.

According to an online newspaper, it describes the period he was trying to regain his skills and the belief in himself as:
He has droned on so about reworking his game and recovering from injuries that it was easy to tune out the talk about his process. “You’ve got to be able to do it at home first, that’s where it all starts,” he said. “Then it feeds into coming out here and doing it on Thursday, Friday and maybe a Saturday afternoon and then ultimately down the stretch on Sunday.

“Then, you’ve got to do it at a major championship. That process has been evolving and you can see the steppingstones. You can see it throughout my career when I’ve made changes . . . the incremental progress that I’ve made. Then eventually I get to a point where I start winning golf tournaments.”
His victory on Monday in the Arnold Palmer Invitational brought Tiger Woods back to no1 spot after 29 months of dryness and been grounded on a spot. The win on Monday was his 3rd victory this year.
Big Questions:
Do you give up easily regarding your dream?
For how long can you withstand the odds in your quest to make your dream a reality?

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