Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I believe this particle article will be of high interest to my high-tech readers and friends who love technology and gadgets. If you think if seen enough of technology, then you are just at the beginning of many inventions to come.
This small gadget might be small but wonderful and it is available to make life easier and more fun than we can imagined.

This smart gadget not only allows you to connect with people but also allow you to chat with them and satisfies the need to communicate with others.

What so special about this newcomer ‘Inplus smartwatch’ is that apart from showing you the time it allow you to connect to several devices through Bluetooth. It connects with devices such as laptop, computers, smartphones and also allows you to get your emails, texts or incoming calls directly on this watch.

This device also connects with Android, BlackBerry, Mac, Windows and Linux devices. It's has an API that works with many Android and Blackberry phones, so you can program your own custom apps to do things like move forward in a PowerPoint presentation or show stock quotes. The technology also comes packed with a number of very interesting watch apps that include a software that lets users change their watch faces and another one that allows for PowerPoint presentations remote control. The watch can be programmed thanks to the company’s own SDK simulator.

This gives users the chance to safely store their pictures, own fonts and imported apps. Everything is permited, even writing your own code. Basically, it doesn’t matter where you are, at a restaurant, at work or on vecation, the device allows you to connect with your electronics, even if they are phisically out of reach. For all the possibilities it offers, the watch has a surprisingly low price tag attached to it – it’s just $149. This is a very interesting investment indeed for everybody who is on the go, but still wants to stay connected to the most important updates and feeds out there. InPulse Smartwatch is a gadge that you shouldn’t miss! ( as reported by Technically Personal)

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  1. Where can one get this smartwatch in nigeria