Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Abike Dabiri - I Owe No Bank

Sequel to the released list of Bank Debtors by CBN and the inclusion of the names of Abike Dabiri; the former House of Representative member had openly faulted this publication as false and inconclusive.

She was of the opinion that she has no business or company with the name of the organization that was published owning Diamond Bank about 100million Naira. According to the publication, it was stated that she used the company/organization to collect loan from the aforementioned Bank and she has not paid back till date.

See her various reactions to this publication via tweets.

10 Shocking Secrets Of Flight Attendants

You know all that preflight time where we’re cramming bags into overhead bins? None of that shows up in our paychecks. Flight attendants get paid for “flight hours only.” Translation: The clock doesn’t start until the craft pushes away from the gate. Flight delays, cancellations, and layovers affect us just as much as they do passengers—maybe even more.
Airlines aren’t completely heartless, though. From the time we sign in at the airport until the plane slides back into the gate at our home base, we get an expense allowance of $1.50 an hour. It’s not much, but it helps pay the rent.

Competition is fierce: When Delta announced 1,000 openings in 2010, it received over 100,000 applications. Even Harvard’s acceptance rate isn’t that low!
All that competition means that most applicants who score interviews have college degrees—I know doctors and lawyers who’ve made the career switch.

But you don’t need a law degree to get your foot in the jetway door. Being able to speak a second language greatly improves your chances. So does having customer service experience (especially in fine dining) or having worked for another airline, a sign that you can handle the lifestyle.
The 4 percent who do get a callback interview really need to weigh the pros and cons of the job. As we like to say, flight attendants must be willing to cut their hair and go anywhere. And if you can’t survive on $18,000 a year, most new hires’ salary, don’t even think about applying.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Wife Of World’s Richest Man Fetches Water In Malawi

Wife of the richest man in the world, Melinda Gates, was pictured on Saturday carrying on her head a bucket of water fetched from a village in Malawi.
Net worth of the United States’ billionaire Bill Gates, according to Forbes magazine’s annual list of the world’s billionaires, stands at $76 billion.
The billionaire’s spouse, who described herself as “philanthropist, businesswoman, mother, passionate advocate for women and girls,” posted a photo of herself with a 20-litre bucket of water on her head alongside two other Malawian women, walking on a dirt road.

The Ban Of Porn In India & Its Media Reactions

Internet users in India woke up to a huge shock, on 1st August 2015, when instead of getting access to their favourite pornographic websites they were greeted with a message-"The site has been blocked as per the instructions of Competent Authority,"-on their computer screens! The outrage grew as news spread online about the possible ban by the government. According to reports, over 850 websites were blocked, by issuing notices to internet service providers.

"We have written to the ISPs (internet service providers) to restrict free and open access to 857 websites. This direction is based on the observations made by the honourable Supreme Court on 10 July and using section 79 (3b) of the IT Act read with Article 19 (2) of the Indian constitution," telecom ministry spokesperson N.N. Kaul told a leading Indian online media portal.

Is this the way ahead?
With less than a fortnight to go for Independence Day, this is stark infringement of individual freedom. It is an ironic attempt to ban porn in a country where a porn star has got effortlessly mainstreamed in Bollywood.

The Iweala Who Worked For Me Is Different From The Iweala Who Worked For GEJ- Obasanjo

Nigeria’s former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, took some time off his busy schedule to speak to a PREMIUM TIMES team at his Abeokuta home about some of the issues he wrote about in his book, “My Watch”.

The retired army general – in between joking with his interviewers, and threatening to walk out of the room – spoke at length about the reasons behind some of the key decisions he took while in office, his relationship with some key political figures, and the Halliburton bribery scandal.

Below is excerpt of the first part of the interview.

PT: Thank you sir for granting us this opportunity to talk about your book. Some people say it is selling like hot cake, I don’t know if it is true but that’s what people say. How has it been? What has been the financial reward from there?

Obasanjo: The book was not written for financial reward. If it was written for financial reward, now that…what do you call him… Kashamu had done the silly things he did, I would have sued him for damages and I would have got damages. But thats not what the book was written for. The book was written for my experience, my understanding, my knowledge, and what you may call wisdom as a result of all these, to put it for others to be able to learn or acquire knowledge. That’s one. Two, it was also written to set the record right. One of the things that people don’t know, people that I call arm chair presidents is that they don’t know what goes in before decisions are made or what the man making decisions, what leads him to making decisions.
Take for instance the decision on privatising all refineries. I explained that what I met were refineries that were not working, refineries that were given to an amateur for repairs, for maintenance, what they call turn around maintenance to the company of Emeka Offor – Chrome Group. Where has Emeka Offor maintained refineries before? Where has he? That’s what we met. So the refineries were not working. I called Shell. I said ‘come and help us, just run the refinery.’ Shell was frank with me.
It said that ‘we make our money from upstream, downstream is more of a service. Two, your refineries are small. Port Harcourt is 60,000 barrels a day. Refineries now go 300,000 barrels a day. Three, your refineries have not been maintained well. Four, we don’t want to go into the corruption that is entailed in all these’. I said ‘ok, come and help me run it’. They refused. Now when I then saw people who agreed to take 51 percent equity in two of the refineries; they did not promise to pay, they paid 750 million, I was dancing and I said ‘look, this is God sent.’ My successor came (and) they cancelled it and paid them the money back. Those refineries today – you won’t get them because they’ve become scrap.


It's now unclear as to what is true. The BhejaneTrust in Zimbabwe just released the following statement. "False information being put out about Jericho - brother to Cecil - being shot today. According to Brent Staplekamp at Hwange Lion Research, Jericho was alive and well at 8:30 tonight and moving around Antoinette Estate (where Cecil was shot) with a female."

The story of Cecil The Lion just got even worse ... his brother Jericho was shot and killed by poachers Saturday afternoon.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Former Minister Stole $9.3bn, Not $6bn - MKO Abiola's Wife Insists

One of the wives of iconic late politician, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale (MKO) Abiola, Queen Zainab Duke-Abiola, has corrected the statement made by Governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomhole about the thievery of a former minister.

Queen Zainab Duke-Abiola revealed that a former Nigerian minister stole $9.3billion not $6billion as claimed by Adams Oshiomhole.

Mrs. Duke-Abiola, the Akasoba of Kalabari land in the Niger Delta, stated further that she had evidence from the White House to prove the claims.

She made the comments during an interview with The Nation.

Mrs. Duke-Abiola said:

“According to the information available to us, the minister stole more than $9 billion; not Australian dollars, but US dollars. And what I am saying is that the money should be used to develop the Niger Delta. Use this to help the impoverished Niger Deltans.

Meet The Nigerian Who Scored 5.0 CPGA In Russia To Shatter World Record

Federal Ministry of Education on Wednesday in Abuja honoured Dr Victor Olalusi who scored 5.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) in the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow (RNRMU) in 2013, arguably the first in the world.
Olalusi, who was the best graduating student in the whole Russian Federation in 2013, studied in RNRMU under the Russia-Nigeria Bilateral Education Agreement.

Olalusi previously had the best WAEC result in 2004, First Class Architecture (FUTA) -2005. JAMB Best Science Student (JAMB score 322) – 2006. Cowbell Prize Award – 2006. Medicine First Merit list (OAU) – 2006. Highest OAU Post UME (score – 325)  – 2006.

Saturday, 1 August 2015


The casket was taken inside St. James United Methodist Church in Atlanta for today's funeral, where the Brown and Houston families will no doubt be separated.  There is extreme tension between the families ... centering on money, control and just bad blood.

Bobbi Kristina's funeral was interrupted Saturday morning by an outburst from Leolah Brown, Bobbi's aunt, who was swiftly removed from the church with the help of Tyler Perry.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Swimming Pools Can Give You Diarrhea

More shocking news in the world of swimming pools: They can give you diarrhea.
Only last week we learnt that red, stinging eyes is caused by sweat and urine – not chlorine. And now cases of illness outbreaks in pools is increasing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US documented 90 illness outbreaks reported in 32 states and Puerto Rico for the years 2011 to 2012.

This affected nearly 1,800 people – 95 of which were taken to hospital.
Cryptosporidium is the parasite causing all these problems. It leads to diarrhea, and vomiting.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Air Hostess Admits, ‘I had Sex With A Pilot As He Was Flying The Plane’

An air hostess has admitted that she had sex with a pilot while he was flying the plane.
Mandy Smith, 41, claims in her tell-all memoir Cabin Fever, that she travelled with so many outfits and sex toys that her suitcase looked like a ‘travelling sex shop’.
Frankly, it was a wonder anyone got any peanuts at all.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Dedicated To The Lion That Was Gruesomely Murdered

Cecil the lion was shot, beheaded and skinned by an American hunter after being lured out of a Zimbabwean national park. The murder of Cecil has rightly sparked anger around the world.

We pause to mourn Cecil and all the animals whose lives are stolen from them. Cecil was loved by humans, but his life was important because it mattered to him, just as the lives of chickens strung up for slaughter, or cows having a bolt shot through their brain, matter to them.

If you are outraged by the killing of Cecil, please extend your circle of compassion to all the billions of innocent animals whose lives are taken every day around the world.

ANIMALS ARE NOT OURS to hunt, eat, wear, experiment on or exploit.

Russian Pensioner Charged With Gruesome Murders, Suspected Of Killing 10

A 68-year-old Russian woman has been arrested for poisoning and dismembering another pensioner. She is also suspected of a second murder.

Tamara Samsonova is accused of killing a 79-year-old woman in St Petersburg before cutting up the body and dumping it. Local sources reported that the police had found a diary in which she described around 10 similar killings, according to AFP.

While officials say they have no evidence to add these to the charges, they are charging Samsonova with the killing of a 44-year-old man who rented an room from her. He was also dismembered after his killing.

Police say they found a metal saw and traces of blood in a bath at Samsonova’s home.

Breaking News: Ooni Of Ife Is Alive, Says Royal Traditional Council

Controversies has trailed the death of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade, Olubuse II as the Royal  traditional Council of the town, Wednesday, said  the paramount ruler is alive and in good state of health.
The RTC, which comprises of all traditional chiefs and title holders in Ile-Ife said Oba Sijuade is not only in sound state of health but added that the royal father was preparing for son’s wedding holding next week Sunday in Lagos.

Sources close to the foremost traditioner ruler told Vanguard at the palace that the traditional wedding of the new couples took place last weekend in London.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Popular Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth, who recently had his annual show ‘Basketmouth Uncensored’ 2015 in Houston, Texas, USA, has apologized to singer Davido and D’banj over the joke he cracked about them at his show.

The comedian was quoted as saying “The first award that they will nominate me for, that I really respected was that award (MAMA), I really love the fact that I was nominated.

“Technically, I do not look at awards to judge how much I’m good; My award is you people. For the fact that you guys are coming to watch me, I got this much award. Like around the world. You guys are awesome.