Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Survey conducted in Britain has indicated that about 51% of Britons are victims of identity theft, hacking or abuse on social media as losses from online fraud hit 670 Million for a year.

According to the respondents surveyed, 51% of them said they had been a victim of this fast growing crime (online crime), a category which includes Internet-Based Fraud, ID theft, Hacking and Online abuse.
The survey further discovered that 32% of the cyber victims reported the incident to the appropriate authority while 47% of the victims did not know who to report the online crime to.

Based on the organized Action fraud by UK National fraud reporting centre and considerable government resources dedicated to combating this cybercrime, the crime is expected to reduce.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Gen. Buhari: Pitied Himself For Paying N27.5m For APC Nomination Form

General Muhammadu Buhari, who picked his nomination form for presidency on Thursday,said he pitied himself for picking up the presidential nomination form, after coughing up a whooping 27.5m.

According to Premuim Times,he said
“It is a pity I couldn’t influence this amount to be trickled down, as it was done in the case of ladies that intended to participate in the election. I felt heavily sorry for myself, because I didn’t want to go and ask somebody to pay for my nomination. If you could recall, even the last one, I always try to pay for myself, at least for the nomination.

Thank goodness I have a personal relationship with the manager of my bank in Kaduna, which I have called and told that the forms are coming, so I don’t know whether I’m in red, green or black, but all I know is that I must honor this, otherwise I will lose the nomination.

Is this the case of the Rich also cry?

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Pep Guardiola: I Can See Myself Managing Manchester United One Day

Pep Guardiola has Manchester United caching job as one of his dreams as the Catalan coach revealed his strong esteem for the Old Trafford club

Guardiola made this known on his visit to Old Trafford during Ferguson’s final season at the club.
He told his personal assistant privately 'I like this place. I could see myself coaching here one day.

On another occasion when he visited Old Trafford to watch Man United in action for the next Champion League match against the team. He also said something similar to this
Pep said to his friend and said: ‘I like this atmosphere. I could see myself coaching here one day."

Second Texas health worker tests positive for Ebola

A second health worker in the US state of Texas has tested positive for Ebola, health officials say.

Both health workers treated Liberian man Thomas Duncan, who died last week after becoming the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the US.

A local judge said there was a "real possibility" of further cases, and contingencies were being prepared.

Meanwhile, the UN's Ebola mission chief says the world is falling behind in the race to contain the virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says 4,447 people have died from the outbreak, mainly in West Africa.

Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea have been hardest hit by the outbreak, which began in December 2013 but was confirmed in March.

President Barack Obama is due to hold a video conference with British, French, German and Italian leaders to discuss the Ebola crisis later on Wednesday.

Reference: BBC News

Monday, 13 October 2014


Women are being asked to free their breasts today in aid of raising awareness for No Bra day.

No Bra Day was launched in 2011 by Doctor Mitchell Brown, a plastic surgeon with a practice in Toronto.

It has quickly grown to include numerous events in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day is designed to promote education, awareness and access for women who may wish to consider post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.

Read more at: middevongazette.

Sunday, 12 October 2014


There is no need to write any article regarding the nightmare of Ebola in West Africa as the pictures you were about to see tell the full stories regarding the heartbreaking reality of this out of control Virus called Ebola.
Ebola in Liberia has continuously bringing tears and sorrows to the heart of the citizens of this country likewise in other affected West Africa countries.

The pictures are courtesy of Dailymail.

10 Richest Pastors In The World As Of 2014

Here is the top 10 richest pastors in the world as of 2014.

10) Joseph Prince – Net worth: $5 Million (Singapore)
8) Chris Okotie – Net worth: $10 Million (Nigeria)
8) Matthew Ashimolowo – Net worth: $10 Million (Nigeria)
7) T.B. Joshua – Net worth: $15 Million (Nigeria)
6) T. D. Jakes – Net worth: $18 Million (United States)
5) Billy Graham – Net worth: $25 Million (United States)
4) Creflo Dollar – Net worth: $27 Million (United States)
3) Benny Hinn – Net worth: $42 Million (United States)
2) Chris Oyakhilome – Net worth: $50 Million (Nigeria)

1) David Oyedepo – Net worth: $150 Million (Nigeria)

Friday, 10 October 2014

D'banj Named African Ambassador For Apple's Beats By Dre

With his burning passion and zeal for business, D'Banj has strategically positioned himself again for another landmark partnership with one of the most reputable names in the Industry- Apple.
The Nigeria singer, Ejanla has been named as the African Ambassador for Apple's Beats by Dre.

This was made known on Apple official twitter page.


The level of police brutality in the United States of America is at an alarming rate and getting out of hands. It simply becoming an expression of Hatred or a replay of what happened years back ‘Segregation but Equal’. This needs the attention of authorities at the corridor of power to curb the racial killings that is becoming menace to the society.

Just as the black community in St. Louis were trying to put behind them the gruesome killing of Brown, another horror occurred as young teenager of about 18 years old ( Vonderrit Myers Jr.) was shot by another White officer who was off duty.
According to report of the incident (yet to be fully confirmed), the officer claimed the Myers pulled a gun and shot at him while he was pursuing him and his other two friends.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian- Kanye's 'girls of the week'

He married Kim Kardashian in a lavish ceremony earlier this year in Florence, Italy, years after he admitted developing a crush on the reality star.

And now, new posts have emerged from Kanye West's early blogs which name Kim as his 'girl of the week', posting a nude picture of her on his then-website
Rather more embarrassingly, the rapper also places Kim's older sister Kourtney in the 'girl of the week' spot a year later, posting a snap of the mother-of-two dressed in a push up bra and black jeans.

Kanye West's 2008 blog which embarrassingly names both Kim AND Kourtney Kardashian as his 'girl of the week'

Nigeria Female Billionaires With Private Jet

‘When money speaks more things work and obtainable’- This is just the simple analogy of the female billionaires in Nigeria that are doing relatively the same or more of what their male counterparts are doing.
Presently, the 54 years old Nigeria has more private jet owners as her citizen than any other country in Africa. There are about 177 private jets in Nigeria currently, with Dangote and Oyedepo owning the highest number...four each. Out of the 177 PJ's in Nigeria, four of them are owned by women. According to unconfirmed reports, these are the four women who own private jets in Nigeria...

1. Billionaire businesswoman - Mrs Folorunsho Alakija
2. Minister of Petroleum - Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke
3. Oil magnate and politician - Bola Shagaya (who bought hers very recently)

4. Daisy Danjuma, who reportedly got hers as a gift from her billionaire husband, Rtd Gen. Theophilus Danjuma.

Friday, 26 September 2014


They tried severally to manage the relationship for as long as they can but all mended patches can no longer be managed by both parties as they wish them goodbye forever.
“Marry Me!” Jason DeRulo, 25, and JordinSparks, 24, have split, sources close to the. couple told E! Online on September 25. The split was reportedly amicable, and the couple have decided to stay friends. We never saw this coming, and are totally heart broken!

The couple have been very open about their relationship, talking about it in interviews and posting their love on social media. On September 8, she shared a pic of them working out together.
Then the next day, Jason posted a photo spread form Us Weekly on his Instagram account showing his love for her! However, on September 15 revealed that not everything was happy: “I just wrote the saddest song of my life,” she tweeted.

Second unexpected split this week. First Amber Rose/Wiz Khalifa, now this.

Is Divorce part of the requirements or characteristics of being a Celeb? 

Thursday, 25 September 2014


This unique Mercedes was stopping traffic yesterday (Mon) after its owner had it covered in crystals. The diesel Mercedes CLS is thought to be owned by a Russian woman who lives in London. And she has managed to outdo the Arab playboys who drive around the capital by having her car covered in thousands of Swarovski crystals. The Mercedes was parked outside a restaurant on Basil Street, near Harrods in Knightsbridge.

The diesel CLS, with its license plate reading "BAII BYY," truly came alive when day turned into night, and London's lights glistened off the fancy Merc's body. There is no word regarding how much Radionova spent on the transformation (she reportedly used $33,000 worth of faux diamonds), but the Russian-born student did take offense to the Mail saying she paid "just" £25,000 (about $41,000) for the vehicle, stating on her Facebook page that "the car is worth more than 25k."

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Skye McCole Bartusiak (1992-2014)
Best Known Role(s): As Mel Gibson’s daughter in 2000’s The Patriot, as well as Michael Douglas’ on-screen daughter in 2001’s Don’t Say a Word.
Age at Death: 21
Cause of Death: On July 19, 2014, she was found dead in her apartment behind her parents’ home from what appears to be an epileptic seizure. It has not been yet confirmed.

Brad Renfro (1982-2008)
Best Known Role(s): At 11-years-old, he landed the lead role in the 1994 flick The Client, starring alongside Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones. He went on to become one of the biggest child stars of the ‘90s. You’ll also recognize him from portraying “Huck” in 1995’s Tom and Huck with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, as well as his phenomenal performance in The Cure.
Age at Death: 25
Cause of Death: His accidental death stemmed from a heroin overdose.

Jonathan Brandis (1976-2003)
Best Known Role(s): He played a teen prodigy in the NBC series seaQuest, but long before landing that role, he starred in many other series including The Wonder Years, Full House and Who’s the Boss? As for the big screen, he landed the lead roles in The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter, Sidekicks and Ladybugs. He played the main protagonist in the made-for-TV horror flick, It, based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.
Age at Death: 27
Cause of Death: Suicide by hanging. He was found alive, but unconscious in his apartment in LA. He later died at the hospital.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Apple Staff getting their new Apple Phones

According to Guardian, Apple says it sold more than 10m of its new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models in the three days after they went on sale on Friday, setting a new record despite the phones not being available in China.

The figure, which includes sales to operators as well to consumers – some of whom queued for days outside the company’s stores around the world – exceeds last year’s, when 9m of the iPhone 5S and 5C were sold, and 2012, when sales were 5m.

However in 2012 and 2013 the first weekend sales were boosted by sales in China, which has the largest number of iPhone users in the world, according to analysts. The government there has not yet approved the new models for sale.

Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, said: “Sales for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus exceeded our expectations for the launch weekend, and we couldn't be happier,” and added that “sell-through” – where phones are bought by end customers, rather than by mobile networks – had shattered previous figures “by a large margin”. Apple would be able to measure sell-through based on phone activations, which require the device to contact its servers during setup.