Tuesday, 3 March 2015

'I Will Not Lose The Elections' Pres. Jonathan Tells AlJazeera

President Jonathan of Nigeria was interviewed by AlJazeera news network regarding the forthcoming election and the combat against the inhuman Boko Haram. the below are the excerpts from the interview.

"I will not lose the election" President Jonathan said when asked if he was scared of loosing the elections.

When asked what he makes of the insinuations in some quarters that the sudden step-up of military operations in the fight against Boko Haram was because he is scared he might lose the elections on the grounds of insecurity, he said;
"Its out of ignorance. In a political environment, if one party, particularly the ruling party is going to the left, they(opposition) would have to go to the right. They must find something. They must have something to tell the people"
Asked whether the elections will be postponed again, President Jonathan said

Monday, 2 March 2015

Obama Honors 19-year-old Nigerian Harvard Finalist

Nigerian genius, Saheela Ibraheem, 19, made history On Thursday, February, 26, when she was honoured with an official reception in the White House by the US President, Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle.
Saheela Ibraheem got into the Ivy League Harvard at the age of 15, where she is currently studying neurobiology — a branch of science that studies the brain — and has been listed among the “World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers.” She was also accepted for admission by 13 other top colleges in the United States, including the MIT, Princeton, Columbia, and six Ivy League institutions, choosing Harvard, she became one of the youngest students to ever attend the university. She will be graduating in May this year.

Speaking after an introductory speech by Ibraheem at the White House, President Obama stated that “there are a lot of teenagers in the world. Saheela is like one of the 50 smartest ones. That’s pretty smart. And she’s a wonderful young lady. She’s like the State Department and the National Institute of Health all rolled into one. And we are so proud of your accomplishments and all that lies ahead of you. And you reflect our history. Young people like you inspire our future.”

Sunday, 1 March 2015


At some point, every entrepreneur has to decide on an idea that they’re going to pursue and how they’re going to pursue it. Richard Branson has some great advice for when you’re stuck at the crossroads…
"Deciding which direction to take is something everybody struggles with at one point or another," the Virgin Founder writes in a recent blog. "But part of the fun of being an entrepreneur is the fact that you don’t have a boss telling you what to do or what direction to take – it’s all up to you!"

That might seem like a daunting prospect for some young entrepreneurs who are unsure what’s the best decision to make and are questioning whether they should study or just get started with their business, but that’s not a reason to get stressed. In fact, although it might feel like your entire life hangs on the decision about what to study, it doesn’t.

Jihadi John Unmasked As Londoner Mohammed Emwazi

Finally the face behind the brutal ISIS war lord has been unmasked with his identity relieving that he is a Kuwait born citizen who was nurtured and brought up in London

The Prime Minister refused to confirm that the Islamist fanatic filmed beheading hostages in Syria was the Londoner Mohammed Emwazi after he was finally identified yesterday.

"Jihadi John" and "Jailer John" are believed[4] to be pseudonyms for Mohammed Emwazi, a member of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS, or "Islamic State"), known for beheading several hostages in 2014 and 2015.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Breaking News: South Korea Legalises Adultery

South Korea’s Constitutional Court has struck down a 60-year-old statute outlawing adultery under which violators faced up to two years in prison.

The nine-member bench ruled by seven to two that the 1953 law was unconstitutional.

“Even if adultery should be condemned as immoral, state power should not intervene in individuals’ private lives,” said presiding justice Park Han-Chul.

It was the fifth time the apex court had considered the constitutional legality of the legislation which had made South Korea one of the few non-Muslim countries to regard marital infidelity as a criminal act.

In the past six years, close to 5,500 people have been formerly arraigned on adultery charges - including nearly 900 in 2014.

But the numbers had been falling, with cases that end in prison terms increasingly rare.

Whereas 216 people were jailed under the law in 2004, that figure had dropped to 42 by 2008, and since then only 22 have found themselves behind bars, according to figures from the state prosecution office.

The downward trend was partly a reflection of changing societal trends in a country where rapid modernisation has frequently clashed with traditionally conservative norms.

“Public conceptions of individuals’ rights in their sexual lives have undergone changes,” Park said, as he delivered the court’s decision.

Peanut Scandal Ends With A Year Prison Term

SEOUL, South Korea — It looked as if things could not get worse for the South Korean airline executive mocked around the world this week for throwing a tantrum over a bag of nuts.

Then her father, the chairman of the airline, Korean Air Lines, stripped his 40-year-old daughter, Cho Hyun-ah, of the titles she still had in the family-run conglomerate. He apologized on live television Friday for her “foolish” behavior, when she forced her plane back to the gate and then kicked off the head steward after being served macadamia nuts in their bag, rather than on a plate.

“I failed to raise her properly,” said the chairman, Cho Yang-ho, who bowed deeply and asked to take the blame, showing contrition in the traditional South Korean way when one’s child misbehaves.

As if that was not enough, the head steward on the flight spoke up after days of silence, telling Korea’s KBS-TV on Friday that Mr. Cho’s daughter had forced him to kneel and apologize on the plane as punishment for the way one of his stewards had served the nuts to passengers in first class. The head steward was kicked off the aircraft when it returned to the gate.

“You can’t imagine the humiliation I felt unless you experienced it yourself,” the steward, Park Chang-jin, said, adding that Ms. Cho called him names, hit him several times with a folder of documents and hurled it at the junior steward.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Azuka Ogujiuba, Please Leave D’Banj Alone- A Must Read

Reference: The Dbanj Brand: Dead or Alive by Azuka Ogujiuba (Article on ThisDay Newspaper)
I spent time to read Azuka’s article about D’Banj and I did not see any need for the lengthy article that was published. I asked myself questions: Was the article written out of the need to just write or to educate us about debt and fame or Azuka’s personal issue with the artiste?

The way you started your article was a means of telling the Nigerians that you’ve contributed drastically to the fame of D’Banj and Don Jazz even at the detriment of your baby by sacrificing the time you should had spent with your baby to write 3 pages of articles about the unknown duo at that time. And now you’ve made them famous and they’ve grown teeth, yet they cannot acknowledge you as the main path to their fame and famous life. Anyway, kudos to you for all you did, however, you did not do it right this time with the article you recently published about D’Banj

If sincerely you are concerned about D’Banj as an artiste and as ex-friend (because you wrote things fell apart between you and D’Banj/Don Jazzy when they started claiming the ladder of success), I believe you should had called him and have personal discussion and advise him on how to go about his Musical business rather than publishing the article about his flops, debts and his bachelor’s life (whereas you had a kid without being married). As stated in your article, you had his phone number but you decided not to call him again since the unpleasant incident and confrontation that happened in one of the African countries between you and D’banj/his crew. Despite his apology, you bottle the malice and proudly wrote that you decided not to call him again, but you have the authority to address him as someone that loves keeping malice. If D’banj is a Captain in keeping malice then you are a Major in the act too. So stop pointing fingers at this guy and trying to pick dirty from his body whereas you are not clean too (He who is without sin should come out). 


Chris Brown has something to say about the idea of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna coshing up to actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

When Brown, 25, was asked about the rumored romance between his former flame and the A-lister on New York radio station Hot 97, the R&B star didn't get awkward at all. Instead, he laughed good-naturedly. "Ain't nowhere else you could've went though," he said. "High five. You had to go up, and that's the upper, upper echelon. I'm not even a hater. I'll give you a slap on the back, booty, everything... 'Hey, do your thing. Good game.'"

Brown added, "In that situation, I just tip my hat. I'm not a hater. I'm not envious. I don't feel jealous... I'm like, do your thing. I can't have it all, brotha. I can't have it all." Brown has dated Karrueche Tran — whom he called "K" in the interview — off and on for more than three years.

70 Year Old Dies After Marathon Sex with Two Teenagers

Tragedy struck at the weekend as a 70-year-old man allegedly slumped and died after a marathon sex with two secondary girls aged 14 and 16 in a hotel room located at Ogbaku, Mbaitoli Local Council Area of Imo State.

The deceased, identified as Collins Iheanacho, until his death was  said to be the village chairman of Umueye village in Irete autonomous community, Owerri West Local Government Area and a retired staff of Chevron Oil company.

 A reliable source, told Daily Sun that the deceased, before he met his waterloo, was in the habit of luring teenagers to the hotel.
According to the source, the two teenagers were said to have been regular sex partners with the late randy, old man even after reprimands by their parents.

Daily Sun equally gathered that both girls had honoured the invitation of the man at the weekend at a hotel located at an interior part of Ogbaku.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

You Have Failed, You’re A Loser- Wizkid Tells Skales

It was a war fought with tweeting between Wizkid and his former colleague in his Music Company called Skales as they exchange bitter and vulgar words over the internet via twitter.

See below:



Monday, 23 February 2015

Amber Rose Hits Back At Kanye West's '30 Showers' Diss

Her recent Twitter spat with Khloe Kardashian made it clear that Amber Rose isn't somebody that will have back down silently to haters, and after her ex Kanye West claimed that his wife Kim Kardashian made him take "30 showers" because he dated the hip-hop model the star has once again hit back at Kanye's cruel insult on Twitter just hours ago, bringing to light Kim's sex tape with ex-partner Ray J, and the relationship she once shared with the Only One hitmaker.

"Wait 30 showers? But Kim let RayJ nut on her... Never mind." Rose wrote, referring to the comments Kanye made earlier today. "@kanyewest This is my moment to let the world know who u really are and the things you've done to me.

"@kanyewest after all these years I never snitched on u and I don't plan on starting now. We once loved each other so I won't do u like that," she said, before once again dissing the rapper's in-laws.

Amber Was So Skanky Kim Made Me Take 30 Showers- Kanye

Kanye West says he couldn't have sex with Kim Kardashian until he took 30 showers to rid himself of the stench of Amber Rose.

Kanye taped a segment with "The Breakfast Club" Thursday and made it clear ... he's no fan of his ex, who is now calling his wife a whore.

Kanye was obviously talking metaphorically, but his point was clear ... Kim found him unappealing at first because of his relationship with Amber.
And then Kanye stirred up a hornet's nest, making it clear to the "TBC" DJs that Tyga is in deep with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. Kanye said ... "I think he got in early. I think he was smart."

Read more: tmz

Saturday, 21 February 2015


The findings are from the University of Michigan's annual 'Monitoring the Future' national surveys of youth behaviour, which involved nearly 300,000 teenagers questioned between 1991 and 2012.
The results, published today in the journal Pediatrics, showed more than half the 15- to 19-year-olds surveyed in 2012 said they didn't even get seven hours each night, far less than the 10 hours experts recommend.

Declines in nightly sleep were seen in youths of all ages during the two decades, but the biggest drop was among 15-year-olds. Just over half the respondents this age reported at least seven hours nightly in 1991, versus less than 43 percent in 2012.
Also, about 30 percent of 15-year-olds reported getting what they considered enough sleep in 1991, versus 24 percent in 2012. Reports were slightly better for younger teens and worse for the oldest teens.
In most surveys, girls and non-whites were the least likely to report seven hours of sleep.
Reasons for the trend are uncertain but lead author Katherine Keyes, a Columbia University public health researcher, said factors that might have contributed include increasing use of social media, smartphones and other electronics, and rising rates of obesity, which has been linked with sleep deprivation.
Another research has suggested that early school start times play a role and advocates have been pushing for later times for teens.

Friday, 20 February 2015


The social media site offers young women in the Middle East the chance to talk about sex openly without criticism
The Middle East is not known for frank, open and mature discussions about sex, but a social media platform is hoping to change that. Al Hubb Thaqafa offers young people, particularly girls, straight talk on sex, love and relationships in Arabic. The name means “love is culture” and the site aims to tackle taboos surrounding sex by offering visitors not just the facts of life, but also a chance to ask questions, express opinions and debate with one another – opportunities still rare in Egypt and the wider Arab world, when it comes to sexuality.

The formula has proved hugely successful; since its launch almost a year ago, Al Hubb Thaqafa’s main website has received more than 3m views, mainly from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, with almost a quarter of a million users following the the complementary Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Al Hubb Thaqafa is part of Love Matters, a collection of similar platforms targeting audiences in half a dozen languages and markets around the world. They’re run by Radio Netherlands Worldwide as a media development project, part of a wider remit to encourage freedom of expression and human rights.

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TLC Raised $430,000 For Their Fifth & Final Album.

According to The Guardian, the group announced their comeback in January by asking fans to help raise $150,000 for the project. This total was surpassed within three days, but the R&B duo’s members T-Boz and Chilli promised to spend any extra funds on the record, saying: “The more funds that we raise means more access to the best producers, writers and talent in the business!!!”

On concluding their fundraising push, the band released a statement that said: “Thank you to everyone who has donated to our final album!! The amount doesn’t matter but the fact that you donated means the world to us.”

TLC’s swansong LP will be their first album since 2002’s 3D, which was released shortly before the death of founding member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in a car crash. She was 30 years old. During their 90s heyday, TLC were regarded as one of the most influential R&B groups, with their hits including Creep, Waterfalls and No Scrubs.